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Discovering sleep is all about listening and understanding each individual's sleep preferences, any physical ailments or conditions, and their sleeping scenario so you can make the best investment in your health and sleep for your budget.


Before our trained staff makes any recommendations for an online or in-store purchase, our team will take the time for a Discovery Discussion where we listen and discuss either in person, on the phone, or via Facebook messenger the topics below and we recommend taking notes for a few nights on your current sleeping scenario before making any purchasing decisions. 


Understanding your sleep scenario is the 1st step before you can make any informed decision on what mattress will improved your wellness, health, and overall sleep quality.  Never a hard sales pitch. Only going through the process to find the mattress that fits your sleep scenario, sleep system, and buying circumstance.

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Please download the Before You Buy Guide for more information on what will be discussed during your mattress fitting.

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