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Consignment Opportunity

Allow Your Customers To Discover

The Best Sleep Of Their Life.

Allow Your Business To Discover

The Additional Profit Of Consignment

The Maplecrest Mattress Consignment Program is rather simple.  Our staff will set up a comparison center at your current store & train your staff on the product, your customers get to try 1st hand the products, the customers order online to be shipped to their door within typically 3 days, and we split profits once the showroom inventory is paid off.  Simple. As.That.

The products are all high quality from Malouf Sleep products and include Wellsville & Weekender mattresses, sheets, comforters, duvets, pillows, frames & adjustable bases.  All delivered & set up.

Yes...you can buy a mattress online but with out an opportunity to discuss the mattress, your sleep scenario, and most importantly TRY the mattress!  One persons dream mattress is another individuals nightmare.  Our mission is to provide the 1st hand experience with the online shopping convenience & savings.

Visit our showroom to experience the mattresses & accessories you can leverage to increase your bottom line.  

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